What is a Business Network?

Network Turismo Italia

A Business Network is a model of collaboration among companies that aims to exploit synergies and mutual benefits.

In a Business Network, several independent companies work together in a coordinated way to achieve common goals, leveraging each other’s expertise and resources.

The NTI Business Network is a network-contract. The member companies do not share their own legal subjectivity, but adhere to a plan for development and growth by taking advantage of the services that are offered within the network in a business-to-business mode of aggregation.

NTI is committed to providing excellent solutions for both companies and workers, in the hospitality-tourism sector, aiming to enhance interpersonal relationships through the benefits offered by the Network Contract.

The main advantages of being part of the
NTI Network

Skills exchange and innovation

Sharing ideas and skills to improve tourism offerings, promoting innovation and competitiveness.

Staff retention and flexibility

Keeping employees satisfied and ready to adapt to the changing needs of the industry.

Productive efficiency

Optimize activities and resources to provide better and more cost-effective services.

Wide visibility

Be easily noticed by potential customers, increasing opportunities to attract them and generate business.

Risk reduction

Take measures to prevent potential problems and protect the business from mishaps, contributing to its stability and success.

The values of the Business Network


We recognize the value of merit, we reward the most productive talents who are open to learning.
We actively promote cultural diversity throughout our Network, implementing inclusive policies and ensuring that everyone has equal opportunities for growth.


We approach our work and mission with enthusiasm.
We are passionately committed to what we do and have a desire to excel in every aspect of our activities.

Promotion of the territory

We actively contribute to the development, welfare and growth of the communities and regions in which we operate.
We are committed to supporting and enhancing the Italian territory.


We work together synergistically to achieve shared success.
We create an environment of partnership, where sharing ideas, resources, and know-how is key.

Join our


The NTI Business Network offers companies enthusiasm, professionalism and all its experience to provide a wealth of support services.


The NTI Business Network is committed to promoting the well-being and satisfaction of its staff and employees, thereby contributing to their success and happiness.