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Our main goal is to bring out everyone's potential, enabling everyone to make the most of their abilities and skills.

What we are offering

If you are looking for new job opportunities in the hospitality/tourism industry for the season, the Network will help you get there. Send us your application and we will contact you for a video interview proposing the best offer for you.
When the season ends, we will support you toward a new career and in the subsequent re-employment.

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Professional Development

Working within the NTI Business Network fosters professional growth through training, experience sharing and skill acquisition.
In addition, we always offer Room and Board.

Mobility Opportunities

The NTI Business Network provides opportunities for internal displacement between different accommodations or locations, allowing employees to gain experience in different environments.

Job Security

At the end of the season, when the employment relationship breaks down, the NTI Business Network supports the employee in orientation to a new career and subsequent re-employment in a very flexible and fast way.

Personal Growth

By interacting with different cultures and clients from around the world, workers can develop interpersonal skills, learn new languages, and improve their ability to adapt to changing situations.

Social Benefits

Being part of the NTI Business Network can lead to new friendships and connections throughout the industry, creating a fulfilling social environment and fostering networking.

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The NTI Business Network is committed to promoting the well-being and satisfaction of its staff and employees, thereby contributing to their success and happiness.